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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Carlos Isidro Plácido García

    Carlos Isidro Plácido García



    Software engineer with a passion good design and UX. Currently petting all the good dogs in NYC 🐶 http://annakim.dev | ⚡️ http://linkedin.com/in/devannakim

  • Alexandra Radevich

    Alexandra Radevich

    Software Engineering Student

  • Senada Kadric

    Senada Kadric

    Full-Stack Web Developer based in NYC

  • Ian McKenzie

    Ian McKenzie

    JavaScript, Python, Django, and React, are beginning to become my friends. Maybe I can introduce them to some other new friends.

  • Hyojin Yoo

    Hyojin Yoo

    Journey of making and learning

  • Todd Kronenberg

    Todd Kronenberg

    Top Writer in Investing, Bitcoin, and Finance. American nomad, retired/entrepretrying, coder, crypto investor, dog owner, burgeoning human.

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