• Jonathan T. Dean

    Jonathan T. Dean

    Hi! I’m a Rust Developer living in N.Y.C.. Born and Raised in Brooklyn.

  • Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin Rodriguez

    Creativity is my Passion

  • Evgeny Karpel

    Evgeny Karpel

    Señor экономист, Ёж в сапогах :)

  • Dell Wilson Jr

    Dell Wilson Jr

    Software Development Student at Flatiron School

  • Hannah Kofkin

    Hannah Kofkin

    fullstack developer + designer

  • Shaun.


    Shaun is starting his writing career (and writing about it). Writing about things he enjoys, which changes daily. https://www.shaunborland.com/

  • Felix Rodriguez

    Felix Rodriguez

    Computers and things..

  • Greem


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