In this post, we’ll be covering using React with TypeScript. If you need a quick refresher on TypeScript, I recommend you read my previous article .

One of the highlights of using TypeScript is that it allows us to specify the props our components expect, making it easier for developers…

TypeScript’s docs define typescript as a strongly typed programming language based on JavaScript. TypeScript was built and is maintained by Microsoft and their tagline for the language is “JavaScript that scales”. …

Do you ever find yourself typing furiously just to change directories? Typing the same command combination multiple times throughout the day? Good news! Aliases are here to save the day.

Kittens typing furiously just to change the terminal directory.

What is an Alias?

An alias in the terminal is a…

Have you ever noticed the _proto_ property while debugging some JavaScript code?

Photo by on .

On my journey to learning JavaScript, I remember doing this and being quickly overwhelmed by the options displayed after expanding the _proto_ dropdown. That is why I’ve decided to explain the differences between _proto_ and prototype, and how they relate to prototype inheritance.

Cristian Cedacero

Full Stack Developer — Runner — NYC

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