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This year I’ve had the opportunity to attend two major Ruby events: Ruby for Good, and Ruby Conf, and as someone who recently transitioned to tech, I must say that I am extremely grateful to have started my tech career with the Ruby community. Ruby events are inclusive, friendly, and just have a positive vibe:). In this article, I’ll share my experience attending these events and why you should consider attending next year.

Ruby for Good

Ruby for Good is “an annual event based out of the DC-metro area where Ruby programmers from all over the globe get together for…

Regular expressions(regex) can be scary. I remember the first time seeing a regular expression and wondering what on earth was going on. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of resources to help us understand regular expressions. I’ve gone through many of these and I’ll be sharing the regex flags I think can help make life easier.

Writing a regular expression

There are two ways to write regular expressions. You can either create a regex inline(example1) or define your expression separately(example2). I’ve included both ways below. In more complex searches, it’s easier to use example 2.

Example1 - Inline 
Example2 …

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Nowadays there’s an endless number of cloud hosting solutions and they make it super easy to host your own website online. Some hosting providers even throw a free domain to incentivize you to buy multi year hosting. For most people, this is all they will ever need but if you’ve ever wonder about the steps that go into setting up your own server, pointing your domain to it, and installing an ssl certificate, then keep on reading.

Recently I found myself migrating from a Google vm to a Digitalocean droplet and I ran into a couple of issues that took…

Do you ever find yourself typing furiously just to change directories? Typing the same command combination multiple times throughout the day? Good news! Aliases are here to save the day.

Kittens typing furiously just to change the terminal directory.

What is an Alias?

An alias in the terminal is a command that you can use as a substitute for another command or set of commands.

As developers, we spend all day typing and we can use aliases to make our life easier by typing less.

Let’s explore some examples and learn how to set up Aliases.

An alias to navigate…

Have you ever noticed the _proto_ property while debugging some JavaScript code?

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On my journey to learning JavaScript, I remember doing this and being quickly overwhelmed by the options displayed after expanding the _proto_ dropdown. That is why I’ve decided to explain the differences between _proto_ and prototype, and how they relate to prototype inheritance.

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